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Apron Alexandre Dumas

Have you seen D'artagnan and the three Musketeers in this apron? This is only because of in those days it simply did not exist. The color scheme is harmoniously stylized under the old stone buildings of medieval France of the times of endless duels and boundless romanticism. And the quality of design allows you to comply fully with the harsh laws of those distant times. Practical and durable, adapted to difficult conditions of intensive exploitation. Made of thick natural fabric of asphalt color. Equipped with a pair of pockets for pistols, handkerchiefs and anything else. Adjustable leather straps for optimal size and fixation on the back. Split bottom for easy walking. Honest and noble.

  • SKU: 15518783

  • Material: denim, cotton

  • Fittings: black Nickel buttons, leather straps

  • Color: according to customer request

2,200.00 руб 2200.0 RUB

2,200.00 руб

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